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Proving Liability in Massachusetts Negligent Security Claims

In order to recover monetary compensation for damages arising out of a Massachusetts negligent security premises liability claim, the injured Massachusetts resident must prove several factors, namely that:

  • The injured Massachusetts victim was lawfully on the property (not trespassing)
    when he or she was attacked;

  • there was a dangerous condition on the Massachusetts property, namely a lack of
    proper security;

  • the Massachusetts property owner knew, or should have known, of this danger;

  • the Massachusetts property owner failed to take reasonable action to decrease or
    eliminate the risk of danger;

  • the victim was injured in an assault by a third party that should have been foreseeable
    by the Massachusetts property owner;

  • and that the Massachusetts property owner’s breach of the duty to maintain a safe
    Massachusetts premise directly or indirectly caused the Massachusetts victim’s

There are several defenses that a Massachusetts property owner may use to argue against liability in a Massachusetts negligent security claim. The Massachusetts property owner may claim that he or she did not have any duty to the injured victim or that sufficient security was in place, despite the assault. In another common Massachusetts defense, known as contributory negligence, the Massachusetts property owner may claim that the injured person’s own failure to use reasonable care while on the property was at least partially responsible for their injuries. Massachusetts property owners may also assert that all or most of the fault belongs to the criminal, or that there were no security precautions that could have been taken to deter the type of assailant involved in the case.

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